Re: [gardeners] my veggie garden

Allen and Judy Merten (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 08:12:08 -0500

Hi Catherine,
    Thanks for the tip. I think I'll try some, if I can find some seed potatos. My
family likes that almost buttery flavor and the color is appealing too.
    I planted Kennebec(white) and Lasoda(red). The Kennebec has very few eyes. It
also seems to be a low yield potato. I got back about 3lbs for every 1lb that I
planted. The Lasoda on the other hand has many eyes and is a high yield potato. I
got back 35lbs for every lb planted. The Lasodas made 500lbs plus. Most of the
Lasodas were as large as a softball.
Bastrop Co.,Tx

Catharine Vinson wrote:

> Allen wrote:
> >     Where generally are you gardening? I would like to plant the gold variety
> > myself. Don't know if it would do well in SE Central Texas.
> Yukon Gold should do well where you's an early one. I had good
> luck with it last year and I'm not much cooler than where you are.
> Catharine/ATlanta, zone 7b