Re: [gardeners] St. Swithin's Day (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 18:44:14 +0000

Yesterday we had a baby bunny panting on the front porch who was soon 
joined by a baby squirrel. The only thing they had to use to keep 
cool was to keep the hummingbirds stirred up hoping their little 
wings would serve as fans. Several times a day my NGP refills their 
water dishes (yes, we put out water for squirrels, birds, raccoons, 
deer, rabbits, and -- I guess -- even the snakes).

I took time out to re-read the history of St Swithin in the hope I 
would catch his attention and he would send rain. I think he tried. 
We had thunder and a brief flurry of wind but no rain.

Oh well. There is always next year. 

Pat, hoping your gardens are lush, green and productive and that 
you'll have the good manners not to gloat.