Re: [gardeners] St. Swithin's Day

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 07:08:09 -0600

At 06:44 PM 7/15/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Yesterday we had a baby bunny panting on the front porch who was soon 
>joined by a baby squirrel. The only thing they had to use to keep 
>cool was to keep the hummingbirds stirred up hoping their little 
>wings would serve as fans. Several times a day my NGP refills their 
>water dishes (yes, we put out water for squirrels, birds, raccoons, 
>deer, rabbits, and -- I guess -- even the snakes).
>I took time out to re-read the history of St Swithin in the hope I 
>would catch his attention and he would send rain. I think he tried. 
>We had thunder and a brief flurry of wind but no rain.
>Oh well. There is always next year. 
>Pat, hoping your gardens are lush, green and productive and that 
>you'll have the good manners not to gloat. 
I'm not going to gloat about three digit temps, Pat, but have you tried a
Native American rain song?  You know roughly how they sound, and I did that
once.  Blue skies clouded over immediately, and it rained!!  Subsequent
tries haven't been successful. Mary I forgot the words.  ;-))))  Margaret