[gardeners] In the (hot) garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 21:08:23

Miz Anne, Sleepy Dawg, and myself waited until 7 pm to go out in the yard
and gardens today. Was still so hot we thought we were melting. Picked
chiles, sweet, mild, and hot; goodly batch of crowder peas, couple of
cucuzzi. Tomatoes are about played out and the Heatwave II's (hot weather
toms) are running late this year. My fault, failed to start the seeds soon
enough. Every thing outside is dry as a bone. Just deep watered a couple of
days ago and I found the soil dry down about 4 inches. Probably dry deeper
than that but I didn't dig that deep. So, we're watering again. Luckily the
city hasn't instituted water rationing but does advise against watering
every day for lawns. We don't water the lawn at all as I sorta hope that
@##$% grass WILL die so I can plant something else that doesn't require
feeding, watering, and mowing.

Annual salt water rodeo starts tomorrow but I'm not fishing this year. Just
to hot to get out on the deep and briny for me. My fishing buddies are
going offshore and, for once, aren't taking any beer or cold drinks, just
lots of bottled water. Maybe my lectures on dehydration are getting through. 

I see on the news where the elderly are dying over around Dallas, not for
lack of air conditioning but for lack of money (in their minds) to pay a
big electric bill. My eldest sister was worrying about the same thing as
she is on a fixed income and the light bill is getting higher and higher.
Turns out the energy company has a program where those who can afford it
put an extra dollar in to help those who can't. Sis now knows she can get
help if she needs it so the air conditioning stays set a level that will
actually cool the house. We have that program here and those that know
about it use it and they advertise the program on the media. Thanks to
those that kick in the extra buck, my sister may need it.

No rain in the forecast but it has been cloudy. A/C went out on the primary
vehicle today and it is scheduled for overhaul on Monday at 8 am. Probably
will stay inside and hide this weekend.