[gardeners] Looking for wine-making recipe from *grapes*

Werner Richter (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 12:47:42 +0200

Hi, gard'ners :)

I sent a message to your list from the website archive but I'm not sure if
it might not be corrupted somehow, so I'll try again, okay. Sorry for a

Just found your mailing list by an AV search for a "winemaking recipe from

Apparently, last year Barb Rothenberger mentioned she had one but my
research just yielded the reference to it, not the recipe itself.

We have a huge amount of Uhudler grapes this year -- we live in Austria,
and this is a wild variety which, however, yields very tasty and big grapes
that remind of Concord quality and appearance.

If anybody can direct me to recipes or websites, I'll be very grateful!
Private replies please as I am not on the list :)

wishing y'all good weather

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