[gardeners] Wine-making recipe

WernR@xpoint.at (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 03:42:04 -0700

Hi -- I just found your mailing list by an AV search for a "winemaking recipe from grapes".–†Apparently¬ last year Barb Rothenberger mentioned she had one but my research just yielded the reference to it¬ not the recipe itself.–†–†We have a huge amount of Uhudler grapes this year -- we live in Austria¬ and this is a wild variety which¬ however¬ yields very tasty and big grapes that remind of Concord quality and appearance.–†–†If anybody can direct me to recipes or websites¬ Irll be very grateful–†Private replies to WernR@xpoint.at please as I am not on the list £í–†–†wishing you good weather–†Werner–†