Re: [gardeners] my veggie garden

penny x stamm (
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 23:48:06 -0400

Margaret, how do you "hold" your harvested potatoes, 
and for how long do they keep?

We can buy Maine potatoes, Idahos or russets, and sometimes
small new potatoes; sweet potatoes or yams --  Period!
Have never come across all those wonderful sounding spuds
you folks are talking about....<sigh>...

Right now the only onions we can buy are yellow, Vidalia, or
Spanish (red). My hubby and son went shopping in upstate
New York last week looking for a Bermuda onion for our
burgers, and the people all scratched their heads...  Jim 
actualy asked 3 female customers (and my son accused him of
sexual bias <G>), and then spoke with the manager, to no

We New Yorkers all grew up with Bermudas as our mild choice
for eating raw. My mom's favorite sandwich was a round slice
of Bermuda, a matching slice of raw Canadian bacon, and one
more slice of black radish (very strong), on fresh rye bread. 
Wonder if she invented it...? 


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