RE: [gardeners] killing roses

Seyfried,Alice (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 10:46:57 -0400

Thanks, Liz!!  You have given me new hope.  And I just happen to have a
couple spots where I bet they'd do great. I'm keeping your message as a
reminder to myself for next spring.


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> Seyfried,Alice <> wrote:
> > I was sad to see them go, too because I love roses also; but I just
> > didn't have the time to care for them properly. 
> You had the wrong kind of roses.  The Jackson and Perkins type roses 
> require a lot of care but there are many, many roses that require 
> less care than lawns or carpets.  Look for hybrid rugosas, many of 
> the Buck roses, almost anything from the Canadian Explorer series -- 
> they are carefree.  Buy them as tiny twigs on their own roots, plant 
> them and stand back -- they are remarkably hardy and vigorous.
> The more I find out about old garden roses the more mystified I am by 
> the popularity of hybrid teas and floribundas.  There are old garden 
> roses of every size and shape (when was the last time you looked at a 
> hybrid tea and thought the bush, not the flowers, was lovely and 
> graceful?), that require almost no pruning, insecticides, fungicides 
> or fertilizer.  It's not that hybrid teas and other modern roses are 
> bad -- it's that they are fussy.  I'm too lazy to keep them.
> Liz