Re: [gardeners] Tuesday

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 07:49:09 -0600

>Worked on this years batch of limed sweet pickles today. Will load the jars
>and BWB the lot tomorrow afternoon. This old recipe is a favorite with our
>family and was given to us by the elderly lady who lived behind us when we
>were in our first house, some 33 years ago. Works equally well with green
>tomatoes or cukes or zukes. Had to make some as the 97 batch is about gone.
>Usually make 8-10 quarts and then sort of dole them out over the year.

How about sharing the recipe, George?

>Picked some cukes, some crowder peas, a few chiles, and a couple of cucuzzi
>today. The lagenaria seed that Margaret sent me was planted and the plants
>are now about 6 inches tall. If they grow like the cucuzzi did I'm gonna
>have a whole fence covered with them. 

Lagenaria was a more vigorous grower for me than cucuzzi.

>Sunchokes, or, as we old timers call them, Jerusalem artichokes, are about
>8 or 9 feet tall and doing well. Looking forward to a bumper harvest come

George, we grew Jerusalem artichokes years ago.  Chuck complained about the
flatulence they caused, so I took them out.  I was warned that I wouldn't
be able to get rid of them, but I did by screening the soil.  There are
black, dead-looking runners in the soil.  Close examination reveals a
bright pink but tiny growth point.  I liked them, myself.  Maybe I don't
recall the flatulence, or some among a lot.  Margaret