Re: [gardeners] Putting it by

George Shirley (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 09:11:30 -0700

Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
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> Should have seen the look on the face of the
> >postal clerk when I told her I was shipping some herbs Priority mail. Bet
> >two bits they got the dope dog to sniff the package before it went out. I
> >know the folks at our post office pretty good but they still have a duty to
> >perform. Hope their dog isn't allergic to basil, thyme, Mex. Mint, and
> >oregano.
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> >George, tired but happy, Life is good
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> Last evening I talked to a friend who had just returned to Denver from
> South America where she and her fellow travelers became enchanted with tea
> made with coca leaves.  I asked her if they had tried to bring some home,
> and she said "No, but we might as well have.  Dallas International just
> waved us on through."  So much for the war on drugs.  Granted they were
> little old ladies and men, but they'll "smuggle for money."  Margaret

Couple of years ago the authorities busted a couple in their late
sixties as they came through customs from Mexico in their motor home.
One of the customs agents had a similar motor home and noticed this one
sat much lower than his did. Upon searching the vehicle they found a
false floor under which there was a lot of marijuana, don't remember
exact figure but think it was 2000 lbs. Agents were amazed that an
"elderly" couple would smuggle. The couple told them they had been
offered 20,000 dollars to bring in the pot and that 20,000 was a helluva
lot more than they got from Social Insecurity. Age has nothing to do
with greed.