[gardeners] summer squash

Margaret Lauterbach (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 08:16:06 -0600

Not that Liz Albrook will heed my advice, but my all-time favorite summer
squash is Zapallito (or Zapallo) del Tronco.  Garden City seeds used to
carry it, but apparently doesn't now.  The only source I know is Bountiful
Gardens.  It's allegedly a "convertible" squash, usable as a summer squash
as well as a winter squash.  But picked small (round, about baseball
sized), it's delicious hot from the grill, brushed with good olive oil and
a light salt.  Its use as winter squash doesn't appeal to me, and a friend
who tried it said the flesh was thin and not very good.  But one person to
whom she served the summer squash said his tongue had an orgasm from eating
it.  This squash will not overwhelm anyone with its abundance, in my
experience.  It bears a number of small squashes, then without warning, the
plant dies.  Pulling it up reveals only millipedes in what's left of its
root system.  We don't have squash borers here, but the premature death of
the plant has been my experience regardless of where I've planted it or how
I've prepared the soil.  I used up the last of my seeds this spring, so
I'll order more.  We do love it.  Margaret