RE: [gardeners] immature watermelons as squash

Seyfried,Alice (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 11:33:11 -0400

Hmmmmmmm.  I was just noticing yesturday all my nice tiny little
watermelons, that, if they all mature, will cause us to have to give
them away like zuchinni.  Might be worth a try.


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> One of my favorite seed catalogs is The Fragrant Path (P.O. Box 328,
> Fort
> Calhoun, Nebraska 68023, catalog $2).  He carries unusual seeds at
> modest
> prices.  But there's a comment on p. 2 of the catalog that knocked me
> off
> my tuffet:  "Seldom mentioned is the fact that immature watermelons
> can
> also be prepared like summer squash."  Has anyone else ever heard of
> this?
> Has anyone ever tried it?  It might be another alternative to those
> who
> live in squash borer territory if it tastes at all good.  Butter on
> watermelon...tch.  Margaret