Re: [gardeners] immature watermelons as squash

Tom Clothier (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 19:29:36 -0500

From: Margaret Lauterbach <>

>my tuffet:  "Seldom mentioned is the fact that immature watermelons can
>also be prepared like summer squash."  Has anyone else ever heard of this?
>Has anyone ever tried it?  It might be another alternative to those who
>live in squash borer territory if it tastes at all good.  

I have tried 2" to 3" dia. watermelon and did not find them a raw delight.
If they are not raw delights at that size, they could hardly be good
cooked at any size.  OTOH, I do like immature winter squash of all
varieties - raw, especially acorn squash.  Be advised that most of the
flavor at this stage is actually in the rind.  In my taxonomic fantasyland, the
difference between cucumis and cucurbit is the taste of the rind.