[gardeners] Dotted Horsemint

Catharine Vinson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 08:17:21 +0000

We finally got a smidge of rain...not a lot, but enough to help some of 
the plants in everyonce's gardens hang in a bit longer.

I took a walk though the garden this morning.. Pretty depressing. I've 
lost (or will likely lose) a couple of special rhodies, two new Deucamaria 
(these I really hate to loose, they are members of the witch hazel family 
and not easy to locate....they have leaves like a redbud and bloom like a 
witch haze. One Swamp Cyrilla is a definite goner; the other may make it. 
One Florida anise looks poorly but will probably revive by next year.
So, all in all it could be worse.

I think the news is going to ultimately be worse for the perennial beds. 
Too depressing to list what is gasping to hang on....I've even lost a big 
clump of Artemesia lactifolio (can't spell!) and my beloved clump of white 
boneset.  But there are a couple of real winners. The best of them are a 
couple of plants of dotted horsement (monarda puntata). They are 
absolutely gorgeous right now. Blooming like crazy; perfect, healthy 
foliage. Incredibly strong looking plants. And they are planted in the 
worst bed in terms of sun: hot, hot western exposure with very little 
protection from wind, etc. 

If you've never grown Dotted Horsemint and are looking for a quietly 
showy, tough plant that will take dry, lean soil and lots of heat, give it 
a try. It will get to be about 3' x 3'.

Catharine, Atlanta, zone 7b