Re: [gardeners] Clerodendron & cucumbers

penny x stamm (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 22:04:18 -0400

Catharine, I can remember my now 39-y-o son at the age of 8,
sitting in front of the tv set and weaving a macrame hanger as
he watched the instructions...  He had found my 'starter card' and
taken it up to try. Today he builds model racing cars and space
ships for his own son, but I've never seen him yet hook a rug ...... 
Flower Time still carries macrame plant holders, btw. 

The first two cukes came in straight. There are now about 8 on
the vines, 7 of which are crooked. When they get large enough to 
harvest, I shall inspect the seeds. Good idea!

I said they were underground watered. In this case I said the wrong
thing. They are surface soaked, thru old fashioned black rubber
hoses which oooze water. One can easily see the water patterns.
The whole rest of my property has Netafim, an entirely different
watering system which does not show. 

We shall see...

Penny, NY

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