Re: [gardeners] A tad warm

Jane Burdekin (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 05:17:24 -0600

Yikes, aren't you in the top of Idaho?  I didn't think it ever got that hot
there.  I guess I'm very lucky living here in Colo.  Our temps are in the
80's right now with a low of 56ish at night.  We aren't supposed to need
air conditioning either.  It was pretty hot in early July but has cooled
down considerable and we have had rain for the last week almost every day. 
All you folks in the heat have my sympathies too.  Best wishes to all. 


> It's a tad warm here today.  Right now, at 7:30 pm, the official 
> temperature is 102 F.  The official temperature is taken at the 
> coolest place in town (no kidding) so that means the downtown area, 
> down in the hot zone, is probably over 110.  Three hours ago we went 
> to grab a bite to eat (no AC in the vehicles because "you don't need 
> it here" -- yeah, right) and we drove past 3 banks posting 
> temperatures ranging from 112 to 116.  We thought they were way off 
> but it turns out that in the hot zone they were pretty accurate.
> It's 104 in my backyard.  Just checked.  The swimming pool is 92F. 
> Mind you, if I had not pitched a Southern Lady conniption fit last 
> June we would not have air conditioning in the house today.  Now 
> *that* would have been fun!
> Thank goodness I'm not in Dallas -- I hear it's really hot there for 
> the 21st day in a row. You Texans have my sympathies.  
> Liz