Re: [gardeners] Dee Dee

Margaret Lauterbach (
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 08:32:58 -0600

>Dear Miss Ginny,
>Cousin Beulah Mae is still recovering from Agnes Ruth Strutman's 
>Mongoloid Hot Pot party.  The poor thing hasn't spent more than 
>10 minutes out of the bathroom in the last two days.  I'm guessing 
>that Agnes Ruth made another of her authentic dishes 
>and Beulah Mae is suffering from a well-earned case of the trots.  
>I tried to tell Beulah that Agnes Ruth was likely to serve roadkill 
>with a dash of soy sauce and try to pass off the smell by claiming it 
>was real Chinese food.  Agnes once won the Appalachian Enamel Pot 
>Cook-off with something she called Potage Au Possum and I know for a 
>fact that Agnes Ruth doesn't hunt and that fool Jasper is too lazy to 
>bother.  Beulah Mae was too soft-hearted to turn down the invitation 
>but she hasn't said much about the party since she got home, either.  
>I'll let her know you were asking about her.
>Lizzie Lu

Agnes Ruth's authentic dish must have been something! Husband's cousin
hates to waste food, so she waits until it has beards of mold before she
throws it out.  While cleaning out her refrig one day, and pouring all of
the dishes together into a large bowl, she received a call that her
youngest son was sick at school.  She left the bowl of moldy leftovers on
the table and hurried to retrieve Peter.  When she got back, there sat her
son-in-law at the table.  "I poured that bowl of food into a pot and heated
it up.  Boy, that was the best Chinese food I ever had!"  he exclaimed.  I
think Barbara did explain to her daughter, and suggested she watch her
husband, but he didn't get sick.  Didn't even get the trots.  And the food
wasn't wasted, either.  Margaret