Re: [gardeners] Picture of our new doggie!!!

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 06:57:34 -0600

At 02:41 PM 8/6/98 +0000, you wrote:
>You can see a picture of our soon-to-be adopted boy at
>  What can I say --
>he's a beauty!  I suggest right-clicking on his picture and
>selecting the "set as wallpaper" option.  Admiring comments greatly 

He looks good, but it's nigh impossible to get a good picture of a mostly
black dog.  You need profiles for future picture taking.  "Set as wallpaper
option" doesn't cut any ice with my sh*t computer.  Nada.  Tomorrow's your
big day!  I hope it's fun and frolic between Cheska and Atticus.  Best,