RE: [gardeners] Where is everyone?

Myra Amler (
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 00:31:23 -0400


With the first "flood" we got five and a half inches of rain in about an 
hour.  I think about six and a half inches total for that day.  About a 
week later (with the ground still wet) we got another three inches in about 
45 minutes. The first storm reminded me of a hurricane; there was so much 
wind and rain.  Most of the damage was done to my plants and pond.  I still 
have some very large limbs that I need to chop up, but with the humidity 
and the 'skeeters' I haven't done much in the way of clean up.  A lot of my 
grass is dead, of course the weeds managed to survive!  Luckily there was 
no major damage to the house, there was a little flooding in an outside 
storage closet, but that was easy to clean.

Know what you mean about getting kicked off the other list, I might end up 
on 'review' with you!

Myra Amler
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