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George Shirley (
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 08:17:50

At 01:27 AM 8/14/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>We've got the
>>little Asian Tiger mozzies here and they hurt me like a wasp sting. I hate
>>putting the deet on and that's the only thing that slows them up.
>Yeah, but George, if you're near-sighted, they sure are purty! <BEG>
> Try the "mosquito plant" from Walmart/Lowes/megawhatevermart. It's some
>type of evil scented geranium. We keep 2 in 10 inch pots in back. One at
>about 3 feet up on a pedistal, and one on the ground. The tiny little $4
>plants will bush out within a few weeks. Just swing your legs around the
>bottom one (obviously, brushing up against it) and your arms around the top
>one. Pick off a leave and rumple it and rub it along the back of your neck
>and shirt and the very top of your forehead(I have a high one). Stick the
>crushed leaf in your shirt pocket, and you're all set. Takes 30 seconds,
>reduces them to maybe one bite per night.
> Whatever you do, DON"T put the leaf or your fingers anywhere near your
>eyes. Stick with mace, it's more pleasant.
> As for the garden, we continue to live beyond the rain line, at least
>compared to our friends 80 miles north and west of us. They (Surry Va.) are
>about an inch up on us for the past 3 weeks. Not much to brag about, we
>could both use a lot more. The trees are really starting to look stressed.
> They have invested in a mile's worth of soaker hoses, so all the garden
>beds still look good. Only thing I can say good for it, is more working
>days and it helps keep the weeds down.
> God, I love spending several days a week with people who enjoy cooking!
>They have put up about a gallon of salsa and we have been living off
>gespacho. Green bean salad with grated cheese, sliced olives, just a hint
>of diced anchovies. An occational leaf of arugala (ok) or radichio
>(wonderfully bitter). The diakons are done and the malibar spinach is just
>popping up, along with the pole beans and more basil.
>Matt, slightly fresher than a Shasta Daisey
>Matt Trahan  <>
>USDA zone 8, AHS heat zone 7, Sunset zone 31, northeastern N.C.

You're an evil person! Our garden is burned up completely, even the New
Zealand spinach, a perennial, has died. Only thing left is chiles, okra,
cucuzzi, lageneria, and sunchokes, all of which thrive on heat and
humidity. Evil Matt, evil.;-)