Re: [gardeners] package from Cheryl

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 07:17:21 -0600

At 05:53 AM 8/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks for writing Pat - I thought maybe it was ME - wonder what is wrong
>with Cheryl's e-mail.  Will have to wait to writ the snail mail - another
>big wedding today.  I'm getting so sick of tulle, think I will spit.  Have
>to go drape more tulle today - in the church AND the reception. Did do some
>different things in this wedding, however - flowerwise.  The six
>bridesmaids are each carrying a single head of hydrange surrounded with
>tulle and galyx leaves with tulle bows.  Bride has a blue hydrange head and
>also scabiosa, discus and white freesia - more tulle and galyx, mothers
>carrying smaller heads of same.  I'm worrying about the hydrange not
>wilting before the day/event is over!!!This has made me veery nervous.
>Wish me luck!
>	Barb
>At 09:27 AM 8/14/98 +0000, you wrote:
>>Barb and I are having the same problem -- I have written a 'snailer' 
>>but dear Cheryl -- thank you! We even had a rain earlier yesterday 
>>and I could get them into the ground immediately. Didn't even have to 
>>blast! Pat 
>Barb Rothenberger
>Columbia, Mo.
>See our pictures of the Philadelphia flower show

What happens to all of that tulle when the wedding is over, Barb?  If they
discard it, couldn't you use it to isolate certain plants from insect
pollination to ensure self-pollination for seed saving?  I use it in the
greenhouse to prevent the exhaust fan from pulling out ladybugs.  I can
think of a lot of horticulture uses for that stuff.  Margaret