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Sounds similar to my experience with chopping jalapeno peppers. I washed, 
washed and washed my hands.  I rubbed my eyes and face, I swear, a few 
hours later.  Set myself on fire!  I put my face under the shower head for 
a long time.

As for mace, jeez!  I got shot "accidentally" in the face.  Dropped me like 
a sack of potatoes.  I never, ever want to have that happen again.

I don't know how to spell "woose".  It's one of those words that you say, 
not typically type ;-)  I am sure someone on the list can spell it properly 
for us.

Myra Amler
"Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?" Unknown

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Hi Myra,
 Having experienced the plant, I'm still willing to consider mace as less
painful. I don't even blink at thick smoke, etc.  But the first time (and
only!) rubbing my eyes after using the plant caused me to rip out my
contacts  not caring where they ended up, and stuffed my face in the end of
the hose for 10 minutes, tearing up the whole time. or maybe I'm just a
woose? :-) (how do you spell woose?)