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penny x stamm (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 01:45:34 -0400

Hi, Allen -- do you suppose that the Old Farmer's Almanac
ever heard of El Nino...???

I feel for you with the loss of the Loblolly Pines -- even with all
the artificial irrigation in this neck of the woods, everywhere I turn 
I can see another drought loss on people's property. What has
us questioning is how come we have only found ONE dead tree
on the parkway nearby...? 

This area (Westchester) is home to many multinational firms,
and therefore we pass huge manicured estates wherein they
have built their headquarters. I think I'll ask my #3 daughter
to go walking with me at Pepsi-co. Their lawns and gardens
are open to the public, and their plantings are so worthy of
note that our Master Gardeners were required to spend a day
there, identifying everything -- we did rather well with the 
horticulture, but lacked the training to identify all the modern
(tremendous) sculptures dotting the place. I'd like to see what
the drought has done up there ...   One of the memories I have
is watching (from afar) a jeep with two maintenance men 
driving from pond to pond, shooting off rifles into the air to
frighten the wild geese off the property. I don't know how
successfully that turned out..

Did you have a plague of grasshoppers? And the cows --
how do they get loose? The neighbor doesn't care, or their
fence needs mending? If you kept a dog, would that deter them?   

Penny, NY

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