[gardeners] message not received

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 02:46:06 -0500

Hi George,
    I saw your message about the seed cucuzzi(sp?) attached to other
posts but your original never came in. Weird ain't it? Glad to hear
about your rain. I'm counting on the Old Farmers Almanac predicting
normal rainfall in Sept., so I'm going to finish planting fall potatos.
    We are still sitting on total rainfall of 2.2" since April 19th. I
explained before about us being in the Lost Pines section of se central
Texas. We have lost 7 Western Loblolly Pines 5 - 8 " in diameter and 15
- 25 ft tall to the drought. These pines are supposed to have developed
a tolerance to drought. Well these 7 apparently took their genetics from
some ancestor that had more eastern pine in its family tree.
    George, I do the same thing to help my hurting back.. Fill the tub
with all the hot water in the house get something cool to drink and a
good book to read. Soak that ol back untill I can't feel those screws
    I sure hope next springs garden has a better early summer than this
yrs. From drought, grasshoppers, heat, and a neighbors cows 4 excursions
into the garden it was hell. Those cows finally ate all of the
canteloupe, watermelons, and banana melons. I didn't get to taste a
single banana melon. I guess I'll plant them again next year and plan on
some good ol Texas BBQ if those cow critters show back up. Sill getting
a bunch of Jalapeno Grandes and Anaheim Chilis but das ist alles. Thanks
for remembering me about the cucuzzi. I can't wait to have some again.
Bastrop Co.,Tx
Zone 8