[gardeners] Weekend

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 15:57:07

Drove to Splendora, Texas on Friday afternoon to visit daughter and her
children. About Vidor, Texas we ran into the outskirts of Tropical Storm
Charlie and drove in a raging rainstorm the rest of the way. A very nerve
racking 1.5 hours there. The usual 2.5 hour trip took almost 4 hours and if
I could have gotten off the two-lane state highway we were on it would have
taken longer.

Rained off and on Saturday and most of today so the grandsons and I didn't
get to go down to the "crick" and do some fishing. Instead we sat around
and talked. My daughter has turned into a great cook, she cooked the
birthday boy's favorites, Saturday lunch was lasagna, salad, and garlic
bread, Saturday supper was pepperoni pizza and salad. She made him a
cheesecake that was outrageous, a Snickers cake from a recipe in Woman's
World magazine. Most of us could only eat a tiny slice as it was very rich
and sugary. The two boys managed to finish it off for snacks.

All in all, a good weekend with family returning to find that we had not
gotten the terrible wind and rain of the tropical storm here at home but
had gotten more rain. Believe we're about caught up on rain now.

If the rain holds off tomorrow maybe we can get around to planting a few
things for the fall garden. Hope all had a good weekend.