Re: [gardeners] A summer without stars...

penny x stamm (
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 22:42:01 -0400

Rosemary, Lucinda, Terry and more, 

We're beating our brains out, trying to catch up -- only away 
for 10 days, we came home to find a full 10 established shrubs 
deader than a doornail. Not wilting, not fading, but real dead. 
It seemed to me that we must have a silent enemy who came over
and deliberately sprayed Roundup on selective plants! The
pattern does not make sense.

I've dug out 7, anguished all the way, hubby had to get the 8th and
9th ones out for me, and there still remains one last bush for me
to tackle tomorrow. We've checked the soil below; we've inspected 
the underground soakers; we've looked for insects or disease on
each plant; we're stymied. 

Aside from that, we're preparing the big lawn for fall seeding, and
we're still trying to weed the largest flower bed. This is the first year
where that bed has been suffocated with either creeping charlie or
veronica. It's not in the lawn at all, just in that big bed. And because 
it's a bed of annuals only, the flowers are growing rather close to each
other, which means that one has to be a circus acrobat to keep from
damaging the plants! 

This has been the weirdest summer we can remember. With no rain 
for 6 weeks, we still had every day and night with a cloud cover and
high heat. Situated at the point on the Eastern seaboard where any 
storm traveling thru Chicago, Buffalo, Albany has to reach us; and 
at the same time, any storm making its way up the Atlantic coast 
from the Gulf finally gets here; so the rains hit with a vengeance
about 2 weeks ago. Everything in every direction was flooded! (That
of course includes our basement...) And what grows best under
those circumstances...? Why, the weeds, of course~!  

The net result is that I find Jimmie sound asleep at his computer, and
he finds me sound asleep in the throne room. Funny how we never fall 

Penny, NY

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