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Tue, 25 Aug 1998 14:29:15 EDT

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>  I'm thinking of trying it out with the cactus I
>  received from Pat Vinson. I have heavy clay, so I thought I might use
>  gravel and sand, etc. for good, quick drainage and create something of a
>  oasis. The idea isn't fully baked yet, but I have the tub and cactus and no
>  bog plants yet, so why not. I really needed another project. :-( Cheryl


Im not sure if you are planning on putting the gravel and sand in and then
some soil?
So I just want to mention that water does not go from one soil type to another
when its stratified until the top layer of soil is VERY saturated. So what
ever you use I would suggest not layering it.


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