Re: [gardeners] Re: Hurricanes, you ok?

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 10:18:07 -0400

>Yep, the satellite pictures of that hummer shows one massive storm.  It
>looks like it could hit the entire eastern seaboard in one grand slam.  I
>think poor Bambi went through two hurricanes last year.  Hope at least
>Bonnie and Danielle miss her this year.  Margaret

Hi Margaret.  Thanks for the good thoughts.  I'm afraid that you're right.
This storm is so large, that even if the people on the coast don't get a
hit, they will probably get some damage all along the eastern seaboard
the approaching front bumps it back out to sea.
I too wish that Bonnie and Danielle would miss us!!
We had Bertha in July 1996, my step-father died in August '96, then
Fran came through in September '96.
Summer of 1996 was not a good season for us.

Coastal Carolina where the winds are picking up