Re: [gardeners] OT Aurora

penny x stamm (
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 18:57:26 EDT

Terry, Cynthia, all you lucky northerners ---:

I'm jealous as all getout! We haven't seen a star in the sky since summer

arrived -- can you imagine that? We have been blanketed in haze all this
time, so you can understand how we would never have seen any wisp of
the aurora, in spite of the fact that we keep weird hours, and always
the sky before we hit the sack.  Had no rain for six weeks but that did
clear the atmosphere, unfortunately. 

I would have been in deep trouble when the last -- and magnificent -- 
comet slowly passed by, if our skies had not been clear then...  Every
morning at 4:00am would find me silently outside on the front lawn with
my binoculars, saying hello and a slow farewell to that celestial beauty.

I don't suppose that I'll ever get another chance at an experience like
that again, more's the pity.

Have seen the aurora once, while camping up in Maine. Just unreal, 
isn't it...?  

Penny, NY

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