Re: [gardeners] A postage stamp garden

penny x stamm (
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 00:52:22 -0400

Margaret, your recipe is a must!  Thanks....

You'll NEVER believe this, but our one zucchini plant dropped it's
first fruit, and has produced only one zucchini to date. Yes, there 
are now some blossoms... 

Next to this plant there are 11 bok choy plants, all of them ready to
use simultaneously, of course. I don't think it lends itself to 

Then we have one cherry tomato, Sweet 100's. Problem is that 
Jimmie, in his enthusiasm, has lifted the branches up off the 
ground and enclosed that plant with rigid wire. Now I cannot
get my paws in there, to pick the tomatoes!  

We have (gulp!) 15 cucumber vines. I was at a loss to figure out why they

were slowly but surely dying. Uh, Jimmie had removed the soaker hose
from that area, deciding that the veggie garden was too wet. No water,
no cukes. Figures...

We have one green pepper plant from which we are now getting peppers
#6 & 7. Today a major branch has broken off, nobody knows how.   Of
course, if one goes in to weed, there's no telling what harm besides 
damaged rootlets might occur.... 

But the biggest mystery of all is the watermelons. I planted a hill of 3,
and as of last week, there were two adorable melons growing. Jimmie
decided that they should not sprawl on the ground when we use soaker
hoses, so he carefully stuck a 4 x 4 sheet of rigid wire underneath, and
placed all the watermelon vines and melons on top. Three days ago they
looked terrific! Yesterday they were rotted and disintegrating. They had
been larger than an orange and smaller than a grapefruit. BTW, we have
had zero rain.  Everything is in full sun. 

Technically, the veggie garden is his baby. Very small (Alpine
and raspberries, and one real tomato plant (unknown -- they all come to 
a point..) plus all of the above.) There had been super scallions, the
ate ALL the snow peas to the ground, and the lettuce was so very bitter
we threw it all away. But Jim luvs his garden, and I can only encourage

Penny, NY

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