[gardeners] fall garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 16:13:28

Yesterday was heavily overcast and threatening rain so Miz Anne and I
emptied the compost heap onto the main garden spot and had enough to also
cover the herb garden and the strip garden about 2 inches deep. Once we had
completed that we rebuilt the compost heap so that the opening now faces
east toward the garden rather than north. We also moved the south side of
the garden out another 12 inches, making it now 13X24. Now there is just a
4 foot wide walkway between the compost, the main garden, and the blueberry
bushes. Sorta like this:

X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X (blueberries)S S

compost         vegetable garden                           *
heap                                                       *
_____________                                              *     N
            *                                              *     '
            *                                              *     ' 
            *                                              *     \/ 
            *                                              *
                          (not to scale)

The greenhouse, nearing completion of repairs, will be moved back until the
back touches the north wall of the compost heap. All that is left, besides
the planting, is tilling the compost under. I wanted to just leave the
garden as is with the compost on top, rake it back and plant, then pull it
up after the plants come up. I have been outvoted, Miz Anne's vote being
worth two or three of mine. ;-)

In the process of doing all of the above some of the chiles came out. The
anchos and the casabellas were done and the Thai Hots had never been
productive so out they all went. Half of the cucuzzi were taken out as they
have about quit producing also. Saved two vines because I couldn't tell
which was supporting the seed gourd. Happily the lageneria gourd have very
small fruit on them and we should harvest some in several days or less. The
Louisiana Long Green eggplant are thoroughly enjoying the hot, humid days
and hot, humid nights we are having. Have been eating them sliced thickly
the long way, brushed with olive oil, and grilled. Once cooked they are
dusted with Parmesan cheese and devoured. Excellent eating eggplant with no
hint of bitterness and even the skins are edible once grilled.

It still hasn't rained but it has certainly been hot. Newscast last night
said the ambient temperature was 101 and that it was even hotter in north
Louisiana. I'm afraid to listen to the heat index. Hope all of you are
doing well and that your gardens grow.