Re: [gardeners] Perfect potato plants

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 17:37:21 -0400

Hi Matt,

I don't know what your problem was with the potatoes, but I had
similar problems with the Yukon Gold.  First, I thought the squirrels 
ate every one of the bits I planted, but I was wrong.  They didn't find
3 of them.  The 3 plants grew and had beautiful foliage, not overly
large, but pretty.  Then, when I dug the plants, I only got about
3 potatoes from each plant, which were larger than an egg, but
small for a potato and nothing to brag about.

I don't know if it was the hot weather that suddenly set in 
(I had planted mine a lot earlier than this, and dug them
in June, I think), or what the problem was, but they were not
very productive.  The potatoes were delicious, but not

Maybe we chose the wrong type for this area?  I donno...

Coastal Carolina
USDA zone 8
Sunset zone 31

> Just emptied it today. We got 1.5 pounds worth. And the largest was
>about the size of a large egg.
> This was done up in Surry, Va. USDA zone 7. The soil is sandy loam.
> Any suggestions?
>Matt Trahan,  OR