[gardeners] Zucchini Glazed Fruit Recipe

Brenda Pink (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 19:19:34 -0600

Don't let the number of days bother you.  The biggest day is the first, where
you have to chop the fruit.  The other days only take a few short minutes each.

15 cups zucchini, peeled and chopped fine
Note:  I remove any extremely pulpy bits from the centre and I remove the
seeds.  How fine do you chop?  Think of candied citrus peel.
1 cup vinegar
1 lemon, sliced
whole cloves (optional)
11 1/4 c sugar (3/4 cup per cup fruit, in case you're cutting down the recipe)
1 pkg each lime, orange, cherry kool-aid

Day 1. Cover zucchini with water and add the vinegar.  Let stand overnight.
Day 2. Drain, squeeze out excess liquid.  Add sugar, lemon and a few whole
Day 3. Cook 10 minutes.
Day 4. Cook 10 minutes.  Divide into 3 bowls and add a package of kool-aid to
each bowl.  Remove lemon peels if desired, but fine if you leave it in.

Cover and store in a cool place.

Note:  I store the flavours separately to prevent the colour and flavours from
becoming "muddy".  Just mix when you add to baking.  Freezes just fine.  Makes
about 3 large Cool-Whip containers full of fruit.