Re: [gardeners] fall garden

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 21:13:04 -0400

Hi George,

I've been watching Earl form as we've been watching what Danielle
was going to do.  I hope you do get some rain from it, but no floods
and no very high winds.  Don't forget to go by the bank.  :-)  If you're
50 miles from the gulf, hopefully you'll be fine.  This of course,
depends how far above sea level you are   :-).
Hope things go well for you.

I found a really nice surprise here after Bonnie.  It has been very dry here
all summer with occasional rains, but nothing like we usually get.  As I
live in a very sandy area, we really feel the drought more than some others.
Of course, we got flooding rains after Bonnie, but, again, I live in a real
sandy area, so the water runs right off at our place.
I was walking around the yard Sunday afternoon and noticed with a start
that my hardy Begonias were beautiful!!  They are on the leeward side
of a small berm out back, so they didn't get shredded by the wind, but
had recieved some very much needed rain, and had responded rather
dramatically and were covered in pink blossoms with the red undersides
of the leaves showing from being rather blown over.  It really brightened up
a dark area of the yard.  (Do I place in the run-on sentence contest?)

>If we're lucky we'll at least get some rain from it. Just checked the old
>hurricane supplies and will go get the extra propane bottle filled in the
>morning and gas both cars up. If it's not to bad we'll ride it out, we're
>fifty miles from the Gulf. If Earl's a real boomer we'll take the highway
>north at least to Missouri.

Stay safe and enjoy the trip, George :-)