Re: [gardeners] A postage stamp garden

penny x stamm (
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 22:43:41 -0400

Margaret, I wrote the wrong thing last night:
>>Bok choy is usually Chinese cabbage. I'm not sure how bok choy
>>would work out. Might work.

I should have said, "Kim Chee is usually Chinese cabbage. I'm not
sure how bok choy would work out."

Bok choy in a sense looks like celery with huge top leaves. It has
individual stalks. Chinese cabbage looks like an elongated head of 
cabbage, with tightly closed interleafed leaves. 

I have a number of wonderful recipes for Chinese cabbage in cold
salads and slaws. But I only have one recipe for bok choy, almost the
in every cook book, as a warm, stir-fried dish. How do you fix it? 

Penny, NY

>>Last week I pulled out one whole bok choy plant to fix for dinner. 
>>was convinced that I should have pulled OFF the outer leaves, and
>>left the plant to regenerate itself. I vetoed that emphatically. So 
>>did it my way. This afternoon when I reached for a plant, Jim said
>>No Fair! This time you have to try it MY way! Fine, I replied, then 
>>you please go pull the stalks...? And he came in with a 5-gallon pail
>>full of separate bok choy stalks.  
>>Does anyone of you know just which veggies do well when only
>>the outer leaves are pulled...? 
>>Penny, NY
>Penny, I KNOW it's Chinese cabbage.  I've grown it myself, and cooked 
>it.  That is why I suggested you get Joy Larkcom's book, "ORIENTAL
>Vegetables."  The whole plant is usually pulled when you're preparing 
>choy.  I grow "baby bok choy," but do not harvest it until it's 3 or 4
>inches tall.  Some snag it smaller.  Margaret

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