Re: [gardeners] A postage stamp garden

Liz (
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 09:17:01 +0000

Margaret Lauterbach <> wrote:

> The old Sunset Oriental cookbook defines Kim Chee as "fermented vegetable
> pickles," and I have heard from a Korean friend they make Kim Chee out of
> cucumbers or anything else, so it must work out.

Having seen the high level of expertise on asian cuisine that's
tossed around here in a manner similar to chumming for sharks, I
hesitate to add anything since I'm merely a lowly housewife. 
However, I am lucky enough to be married to someone with a real life
who spends his days in the company of some people from other
cultures and countries.  This results in a wide variety of foods
gracing our refrigerator, since many students hope to curry favor
with Ray by proffering treats for his prodigious gullet.  One near
constant edible in our fridge is kim chee, courtesy of several
Koreans.  At the present time we have 2 different bean sprout kim
chees (one sweet/hot, the other nutty), 2 different cucumber kim
chees (one of which contains something that looks suspiciously like
water spinach), 3 daikon radish kim chees (one of them makes me gag)
and one bok choy kim chee.  Later we will have cabbage kim chee,
made from plain old cabbage that grows so well here.

waiting for more chum