Re: [gardeners] This and that

Connie Hoy (
Sat, 05 Sep 1998 17:04:41 -0700

George Shirley wrote:

>  The bronze fennel and the Florence fennel didn't survive
> either, first time to grow them so suspect they can't take the heat. Looked
> like they just up and cooked one day during a triple digit day.
> Hi George,

Toke you up on your invitation to join the list(and a fine one it is too)and
wanted to say 'hi'to you and the whole gang..What a pleasant group it is too.
Looked at some of the archived posts and all the ETHNIC/FOOD talk just hooked
me good(always looking for more cross culture lessons via the culinary route)
Hello to you all.

Now just a thought regards the Bronze fennel...
As you might know (I dont live too far from Maragret L.)this is high desert and
it can get VERY hot which it has been this season..So suspect its not your heat
but the combination of heat and HUMIDITY...
Its very dry here(most the time)and the fennel thrives,( something to do with
its mediterean origin proably) even when neglected.
Or perhaps its just quit for the season and will come back from seed or roots??

Did it ever flower for you?
I seem to recall there is a 'new'sage (sorry dont remember the name now)that
will tolerate more humidity than previous varieties,
if I run across it again will let you know.However you are so far south it may
not make the grade either:-(..
Thanks for the invite.