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George Shirley (
Sat, 05 Sep 1998 19:19:39

At 05:04 PM 9/5/98 -0700, you wrote:
>George Shirley wrote:
>>  The bronze fennel and the Florence fennel didn't survive
>> either, first time to grow them so suspect they can't take the heat. Looked
>> like they just up and cooked one day during a triple digit day.
>> Hi George,
>Toke you up on your invitation to join the list(and a fine one it is too)and
>wanted to say 'hi'to you and the whole gang..What a pleasant group it is too.
>Looked at some of the archived posts and all the ETHNIC/FOOD talk just hooked
>me good(always looking for more cross culture lessons via the culinary route)
>Hello to you all.
>Now just a thought regards the Bronze fennel...
>As you might know (I dont live too far from Maragret L.)this is high
desert and
>it can get VERY hot which it has been this season..So suspect its not your
>but the combination of heat and HUMIDITY...
>Its very dry here(most the time)and the fennel thrives,( something to do with
>its mediterean origin proably) even when neglected.
>Or perhaps its just quit for the season and will come back from seed or
>Did it ever flower for you?

The bulbing fennel just croaked over a two day period and the bronze
fennel, which never got higher than 6 inches, just wilted away. Suspect
you're right and it's our 90-100% humidity. If the humidity drops to 60-70%
it's newsworthy.

>I seem to recall there is a 'new'sage (sorry dont remember the name now)that
>will tolerate more humidity than previous varieties,
>if I run across it again will let you know.However you are so far south it
>not make the grade either:-(..
>Thanks for the invite.
So far I've lost regular garden sage, planted high with white clamshells
under it and sparsely watered, tricolor sage in a pot on the patio and
watered infrequently, ie when surface dried good, and a pineapple sage,
which had been doing good, was found wilted and dying this evening. Guess
I'll just have to buy my culinary sage or move one in a pot into the air

Glad you're here Connie, welcome. We appear to have hit a surge of new
members in the last few days. Welcome to all, drop us a line and let us
know what's growing.