[gardeners] Re:What's growing?......

Connie Hoy (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 05 Sep 1998 21:38:49 -0700

George Shirley wrote:

> Glad you're here Connie, welcome. We appear to have hit a surge of new
> members in the last few days. Welcome to all, drop us a line and let us
> know what's growing.
> George

Find myself with a little time so thought to respond to this what's growing

Well, without a doubt this has been (for me anyway)one of the most peculiar
growing season yet..
The winter was so mild many things never went completely dormant,which in turn
lead  one to anticipate an early and very mild spring,it was but it was so wet as
to keep the ground cool and unworkable...This continued on for sometime and put
back planting time considerably.OK the big day comes and out the plants go only to
have it turn miserably hot...

Only the earliest peas did reasonably well (partially because of shade cast by
near by tree)..
Beans (seeded)sprouted ,vined then sulked under the heat and only threw an
occasional bean ,otherwise aborted following flowering..
Tomatos,peppers somewhat better but pretty much same story..
All went into a relative holding pattern waiting for cooler more favorable
temps.Meanwhile the short growing season is dwindling away into oblivion

I feel behind and allowed a great many 'volunteers' to establish themselves(what
the heck says I, better than nothing)and while they are thriving(now)they are
rather late in the game.Again our seasons are short save winter that is  plenty
long :-)

So the irony of this is that its not unusual to have a serious cool down round
about now even frost is not unheard of.. ,well that just hasn't happened just
seems to be one day after another of 90+.But fall is definitely coming the little
tell tale signs of cooler nights,leaves becoming yellow and tired,etc.
So I will claim my share of responsibility for not 'bringing in the harvest'in
this catch 22 scenario but the rest I will put it on El Nino(why not everybody
else did?)or La Nina in the present what the heck I think they both did it!!  ;-)
Hope others were more successful than I,and if not,"we'll be bawck"and try it

And apologies to Margaret for mis-spelling her name in the prior post.