Re: [gardeners] Outage and weather

George Shirley (
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 20:52:53

On the 6 pm news the weatherman said we had gotten 5.5 inches of rain since
midnight last night. That's more than the previous 8 months all together I
do believe. It's still sprinkling on and off and the weather channel shows
monstrous rain storms moving this way so reckon we will get more of the
same. Talked to my son this evening, they live down by the Galleria
complex. He said if you could get on I610 this morning you could go
anywhere in Houston you wanted, just as long as you didn't get off I610.
Said a Metro bus with 35 people on board got swamped and the fire
department had to rescue them. Said bus is now lying on it's side with a
little metal showing above the water. I believe it as Houston is pretty
much concrete canyons that can hold a lot of water. The police in Lake
Charles finally starting closing the deep water streets about 5 pm as cars
were stalling out everywhere. Ah me, we've been begging for some rain and I
guess we're getting it. Sure glad we live on high ground.

My dog went out in a gentle rain this afternoon too, she hates to take a
bath so it really surprised me. She was leaping and playing like it was
great fun and staying close to where I was working in the garden in my swim
trunks, T-shirt, rubber boots, and straw hat. Not a pretty sight I can
guarantee. We came in after a bit and I was toweling off when the dog ran
over and lay down to be towelled off. Something else she has never done.
All kinds of miracles today, rain and more rain, and Sleepy Dawg
deliberately getting wet.

Was so disgusted at not being able to plant some extra things today that I
baked cookies all afternoon. Miz Anne hauled them all off to the soiree
down at the art gallery. Tomorrow I think I'll cook a brisket if it's still
raining. If I can't garden I can cook. <VBG>

Glad you folks in Drytown, Texas are finally getting some rain, Y'all
probably make a 1000 pounds of taters now.


At 06:16 PM 9/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi George,
>    Everything is wet in this part of Texas for a change. My youngest dog
>at the patio doors and watches, turns his head like dogs do when they are
>trying to figure things out. He wouldn't go outside voluntiarilly so I
took him
>out. He had a ball playing in the rain. Poor pooch hadn't seen enough rain in
>his lifetime to know what it was.
>    The garden is coming back to life. I had planted potatos but hadn't seen
>much in the way of sprouts coming through the ground. The rain started
>yesterday, got steady through the night and continued this morning with
about a
>30 minute break. Good ol' farmers rain.
>This morning during the break I checked on the garden. It looks like all the
>potatos that I planted are breaking through. The green beans look like
they are
>a couple inches taller than they were.I was worried that they would be beaten
>down but were ok. All the surviving pepper and tomato plants are looking a
>better too. I planted some crooknecked gourds to make bird houses and feeders
>out of. Untill the temp dropped down into the 90's no blossoms would set even
>with my help pollinating them. Now there are about a dozen 8-12 inches
long and
>more than 50 little ones. If the first freeze holds off untill Nov. we'll
>gourds too.
>    As soon as it is workable I'll be planting my cole crops.
>Wet Bastrop Co.,Tx