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Myra Amler (
Sat, 12 Sep 1998 18:47:37 -0400

Isn't the catalog hysterical this time?  Tony Avent is a hoot.

It really distresses me that someone had a bad experience with Plant 
Delights.  I have been going there for many years and have also received 
plants through the mail from them.  I have always been pleased with their 
service.  Tony Avent has helped me locate trees and shrubs that they do not 
grow (but I saw in their display gardens).  He really is an interesting 
knowledgeable man.  I am sure he would want to know if a customer was 

Myra Amler
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>Good luck, Matt.  With time, I'm sure we'll come up with more.
>BTW, I've also been to Plant Delights nursery.  What a display garden!! 
>is incredible!  Plants are well tended and healthy.
>I had forgotten about Catharine's experience with Southern Perennials and
>Coastal Carolina
>USDA zone 8
>Sunset zone 31
And what a display catalog Plant Delights turns out!  Timely too, as their
latest catalog features a movie theatre with marquee reading "The Full
Morty starring Bulbil Clinton as Amorphophallus "Morty" Konjac and
introducing Japonica Lewinsky as the intern princess Viagra, co-starring
Gennifer Flowers and Kathleen "Weeping" Willey."  Sorry about this.  I
think we've all O.D.-ed on this dreck, but it is timely.  Margaret