Re: [gardeners] Vicki

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 06:09:39 -0600

At 02:54 PM 9/16/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Barbara, Margaret, et. al.,
> All this sounds very discouraging in some ways. I can't imagine not going
>somewhere, especially if it's related to learning about native plant
>gardening, just because of the risk of hitting a deer. I know they can do
>a lot of damage to a vehicle. I do have lots of friends in south Texas
>who've hit deer. But my dad never ever hit one, and he was never one to
>stay in at night if there was a good restaurant to go to or friends to
>visit. I always thought he had incredible eyesight. He could see a rattler
>on the road a mile away. I learned after I became a birder, however, that
>it may depend on what you get used to spotting. I'm very quick at spotting
>and identifying birds, often on the wing.  Maybe I can develop a similar
>skill for deer. 
> In the meantime, I'll use whatever devices I can get my hands on.
You ought to be able to find them in Seattle, Vicki, at outdoor sporting
goods stores.  You could call them deer warning whistles, and let your
fingers do the walking...Anyplace that sells hunting equipment ought to
have them.  I think actually they were developed for the trucking industry,
so truck supply centers ought to have them too.  Margaret