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>Hi Victoria,
>    We are neighbors as distances go in Texas. We live east of you in
>Bastrop Co., east of Bastrop.
>    Have you joined the wildgardens mailing list?
>    wildgardens-request@userhome.com  type "s" (use whole word - George)
in the body,
>nothing in the subject
>    Here is the address for Texas Parks and Wildlife web site
>    www.tpwd.state.tx.us/
>    You can get info on how to contact the Urban and non-game program
>which is the dept. that handles the program for Wildscape Certification.
>    If you want to contact a good native seed source, Native American
>Seed 1-800-728-4043 Junction, Tx ... www.seedsource.com
>    I have a bunch of stuff from the Wildscape program. Its very
>informative on native plants; wildflowers, trees and shrubs to supply
>food, nesting and just general habitat for song birds, hummingbirds,
>butterflies and herps.
>    I have 11 books on native plants and trees. The best one I think is
>"Native Texas Plants, Landscaping Region by Region" by Sally Wasowski
>and Andy Wasowski.
>    My wife and I lived most of our lives on the coast in Galveston Co.
>We wanted to have mostly native plants, but we love hibiscus type
>shrubs. Since the drought of '98 we are going to go with 100% native
>plants and shrubs. There are even some native shrubs that are in the
>hibiscus family, so that's the way we are going to go. Everything, 100%
>of the non-native flowers and bushes, died, crispy brown dead. It wasn't
>lack of water it was the incredible heat. We had 40 odd days over 100F,
>many  at or above 105F.
>    Any how, welcome to the Texas, glad to see you on gardeners, hope to
>see you on wildgardens. I hope the information I gave you is helpful and
>not a duplication of what you already had.
>    Allen
>    Bastrop Co.,Tx.
>    Wildscape #1071