Re: [gardeners] Peron Sprayless Tomato

Allen and Judy Merten (
Sat, 19 Sep 1998 10:24:55 -0500

Hi Kim,
    I haven't had any experience with that particular tomato. The days to
maturity are based on when a transplant is set in the ground, not from the time
the seedling sprouts.
Bastrop Co.,Tx

Kim Barwick wrote:

> I have been going through my catalogs for next years crop, and I ran across
> a tomato called Peron sprayless. The problem is in Gurneys, it is listed as
> a 90 day tomato. In Tomato Growers, it is listed as indeterminate, 68 day.
> In Totally Tomatoes, It is listed as 68 day, strong determinate plants. Also
> a person on OGL had this response.
> I am growing Peron Sprayless this year. I got the seeds from Territorial
> which lists it as indeterminate 68 days. I didn't have ripe ones until late
> July, from seeds I started indoors in Early March and planted out in a late
> April. So more like 90 days for me. The plants are vigorous and the fruit
> is tasty. The Territorial catalog description (medium-large fruits, bright
> red, globe shaped, firm, aromatic flavor, strong indeterminate vines,
> disease resistant) is accurate to my results.
> Anybody have any experience with this tomato?
> Thanks in advance.
> Kim Barwick
> Zone 5