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George Shirley (
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 09:22:54

At 07:56 AM 9/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi George,
>    Sorry to hear that you have been sick. Glad to hear that you are
better. A
>sinus infection can be a very hard thing to deal with since it affects the
>sinuses, ears and throat all at the same time. My youngest son has chronic
>sinusitis, usually develops an infection about once a month.

I'm feeling much better now, the antibiotics etc seemed to help. I thought
I had sleeping sickness for awhile, all I did was sleep and drink water.

>    George, I was getting jealous of all the rain you were getting while we
>stayed so dry. It turns out that when we did get rain it was exactly what we
>    Our green beans are fixing to bloom, as well as the yellow squash, green
>onions are growing like a house fire, and the potatos are doing moderately
>well. I planted 3 varieties of leaf lettuce. Only one of them is really doing
>any good. I think that I got some bad seeds, for the other two. The Jalapeno
>Grandes and the Big Bertha bell peppers are recovering from the drought and
>starting to bloom heavily. I didn't try to plant large tomatos for the
>still have gallons of tomato sauce and salsa that we canned from the large
>tomatos this summer. The Sweet 100 cherry tomatos are starting to bloom again
>and set fruit. They will go nicely with the lettuce, green onions, and raw
>yellow squash for a great salad. I intend to plant my cole crops as soon
as it
>cools down a little. We had two days in a row where the heat index exceeded

I'm jealous, our garden is just standing still due to all of the rain. What
hasn't cooked when the sun comes back out that is. I am getting plenty of
lageneria eating gourds though. This gourd seems to be a more prolific
bearer than the cucuzzi. Will be saving seeds of this one too so let me
know if anyone wants any.

>    Well, once again we have to be on the look out for Tropical
>Storm/Hurricanes. Georges is supposed to go to Fla. and then Miss. or
>But you never know how it is going to turn out until it is over.
>    Hope that you continue to recover. It might look silly but you might want
>to wear a dust mask to keep the mold spores out of your sinuses until
>completely well. My sons ENT Dr., suggested that for him. Dr. said as long as
>the sinuses were irritated they were like a fertile field for reinfection.
>Watch out for the mosquitos as well. Many times they can infect you with
>Dengue(sp?) Fever. It was known by the old timers a "Break Bone Fever".
The old
>timers called it that because along with a fever came bone pain so bad it
>like broken bones. Most of the younger Drs. don't realize the symptoms are
>similar to a bad case of the flu, and don't diagnose it.

I bought some dust masks for Miz Anne to wear and decided to start wearing
one myself when I'm working with compost, etc. Helps her allergy headaches
so hope it will keep me from getting reinfected. Doc seems to think the bad
sinus infection may be related to a long-term ear infection I had earlier
this year. Hate to take antibiotics though, mess your stomach up so bad.
I'm eating yoghurt to reestablish intestinal flora and fauna and that seems
to help. Didn't know Dengue fever was around in this country. We were
warned about it in SE Asia and other parts of the world. Malaria was still
around in this part of the country when I was a small child so have seen
adults with chills and fever before. The mosquito control people are
working around the clock to fight this plague of skeeters and aren't making
any headway. About the time they start catching up it rains again and a new
crop hatches out. Big news on the tv last night was about all the livestock
that has been killed by the mosquitoes, one small rancher lost a dozen head
of cattle and horses to mosquitoes already and his vet said the rest were
so weakened they may not pull through. This hits farmers nearing bankruptcy
from drought pretty hard. Feel sorry for them after all the hard work
they've put in trying to save their herds and crops.

>    Allen
>    Bastrop Co.,Tx
>    Zone 8
George, feeling much better and still fighting the skeeters