Re: [gardeners] Dark and gonna get wet

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 07:55:19 -0600

At 08:26 AM 9/27/98, you wrote:
>I'm writing this at about 0820 CDST on Sunday the 27th day of September and
>it's still not very light outside. Heavily overcast, humidity is so high
>it's like trying to breath under a shower head. Looks like the Mizisip
>coast is gonna catch Georges and we'll get a little rain. Weather station
>just said they've closed the hurricane locks in New Orleans. If you're
>familiar with NO you will know that is SERIOUS as the locks block several
>streets. Mandeville, LA has been totally evacuated and several other small
>communities are being advised to go inland.
>We're all set, got the propane bottles filled, plenty of water on hand for
>drinking, cooking, and flushing, went over and fueled the neighbors
>generator as he is out of town. Lots of home canned goods, oil lamps are in
>place, plenty of batteries for the portable radios, etc. Now, anyone got
>any ideas for possibly hand-cranking a computer? <BG>
>Gonna BBQ some pig ribs today as the teenaged grandkids are here. Deep fry
>them a little battered gourd (as long as they don't know what it is they'll
>eat darn near anything), big pot of green beans with various herbs and
>spices, a little pasta with pesto for those of us more interested in
>quality than quantity, and a lot of love to share. Y'all come.
>George, life is good
Good to hear from you, George.  I had feared you'd absquatulated already
(isn't that better than the double entendre "evacuation"?).  Best of luck
for dodging this hummer, too.  Please keep us posted.  Margaret, with all
appendages crossed.