Re: [gardeners] The list

Kari Whittenberger-Keith (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 14:11:34 -0700

Hi George and list,

I assume the list surge was due to a posting of the address on the gardens
list.  George, lots of us missed you!

My name is Kari (pronounced Car--as in auto--long E) and I garden in the
Willamette Valley of Oregon (USDA Zone 8; Sunset Zone 6).  My primary
gardening interests are herbs, chiles, flowering perennials, and garden
history (especially design of American house gardens from "the beginning"
til around the 1930s or so).  I currently garden in a rented house, so much
is in pots (especially the chiles and warm weather herbs--keep 'em on the
driveway to try to adjust for our cool nights), although I also do a lot of
in ground work .  For me the joy of gardening is the process and when I
move, I will simply start fresh.

Part of the reason I joined this list is that rumor had it (and I have
since confirmed seeing the names of those who post) that several gardeners
I learned a lot from on gardens are here now.  For better or for worse, I
mostly lurk (and learn a lot in the process).

Hope all the Georges-affected have weathered the storm with minimal damage.


>This list has now topped 120 members including digesters. Big influx in
>last 48 hours. Would someone who has recently joined mind telling the rest
>of us how you found out about gardeners. We've been running about 60 - 70
>members for a year and just in two days we've doubled. Not complaining mind
>you and want to welcome all the newcomers. Let us know where you garden and
>what you grow, there's lots of expertise on this list spread out over
>several countries and many growing zones.
>Again, welcome to all the new members.
>George Shirley
>list owner
>USDA Zone 9b (about a 12 this summer), SW Louisiana