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Marianne Darke (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 16:18:24 -0800

I too belong to the Gardens list where you were mentioned.  Lurked for most
of 1997 & resigned last month.  Missed your wit & writing Mr. Shirley. I'm
the SF Bay Area, zone 9.
Marianne - Pinole California

At 3:06 PM -0800 9/29/98, you wrote:

>This list has now topped 120 members including digesters. Big influx in
>last 48 hours. Would someone who has recently joined mind telling the rest
>of us how you found out about gardeners. We've been running about 60 - 70
>members for a year and just in two days we've doubled. Not complaining mind
>you and want to welcome all the newcomers. Let us know where you garden and
>what you grow, there's lots of expertise on this list spread out over
>several countries and many growing zones.
>Again, welcome to all the new members.
>George Shirley
>list owner
>USDA Zone 9b (about a 12 this summer), SW Louisiana

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