Re: [gardeners] garlic in Texas

Allen and Judy Merten (
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 00:57:13 -0500

Hi Vicki,
    Sometimes the things we aren't supposed to have success with work any way. I
wanted to grow peanuts, big ones. The recommended variety for my area was for the
small red Spanish peanut. I bought a bag of unroasted Virginia peanuts and planted
them. They made bushels of nice big fat peanuts, with no blights, fungus, rust, etc.

    You should be able to find garlic pods at most feed stores or nurseries that
carry recommended varieties. Some nurseries are getting with the Texas recommended
program instead of the general stock that often is not going to make it in the Texas
heat and humidity.
    Since you stated in an earlier post about your interest in wildscaping you might
want to come over to Austin, Oct 4-5 for the Texas Parks and Wildlife's Annual Expo.
It is held on the TPWD headquarters grounds located near McKinney Falls State Park.
It is located off Hwy 183 on Smith School Road, near the old Bergstrom Air Force
Base, the new Austin Airport. It is one of the events that Judy and I never miss. No
fee and all exhibits are free. Many companies, foundations, and preservation
societies that deal with native plants exhibit there.
    Bastrop Co.,Tx
    Wildscape #1071
    Zone 8

Victoria Okeef wrote:

> Hi, Allen.
>  Thanks for the reply on my garlic dilemma. You can tell a "hard neck"
> garlic if the stem coming out of the bulb is hard.  Most of the hard neck
> garlics have a rosey colored outside skin and usually have roja in
> their names. So I wonder if the Mexican Pink could be a hard neck, and of
> course, when I think of Creole cooking, I think of red peppers.
>  If I have to give up trying my roja cloves I've saved for planting in
> Texas, where can I find the Mexican Pink or the Creole? Actually, I
> thought I'd go ahead and give my rojas a try. If they don't make it this
> year, I can start with one of your recommendations next year  Meanwhile, I'll be
> going down for a two-week visit on Saturday.

> Thanks for the help.
> Vicki in Seattle,
> On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Allen and Judy Merten wrote:
> > Hi Vicki,
> >     I'm not familiar with "hard neck garlic", but we plant garlic in Sept.
> > down here in Texas. The three varieties recommended for Texas are Mexican Pink
> > or Creole for South Texas, Texas White for most other areas, and Calif. Early
> > White for Central to Northern Texas.
> >     The information that I have from the Texas Agricultural Extension Service
> > says that the length of day light is what affects bulbing of garlic in Texas.
> >     Allen
> >     Bastrop Co.,Tx
> >     Zone 8
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