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Connie Hoy (
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 11:51:10 -0700

Hi Barbara,
So are you saying this is a brand of ice cream?Not a flavor?
I am in s.w.Idaho.Never seen this brand nor flavor.Whats special about it..Thus far
I'd have to vote Ben&Jerrys (always buy the same flavor over 'n over Chunky Monkey
my ultimate favorite.)as number one for quality,flavor also they do not use cream
which came from cows subjected to the Bovine hormone and they had the courage to say
so right on their lable .A  small dairy man in Wisconsin tried that and Monsanto
sued (and won)him.Anyway if its any better than B&Js I'd better not try it could be
ultra addictive ;^ )....
Thanks for the info.

Barbara J. Davis wrote:

> Hello,
> Where do you live Connie?  Here in north-central Texas, the brand
> is in every supermarket.  Perhaps this isn't carried in your area.
> Barbara Davis        southwest of Fort Worth, TX
> Connie Hoy wrote:
> > Greetings all ,
> > OK so I cant stand it, WHAT pray tell is "Blue Bunny"ice cream.(and where do I
> > find it? ;-} )
> > Thats what makes this list so great the diversity of subjects/people.The
> > archives gave me lots of conversations about Dim Sum and other yummies as
> > well.